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    3 Bin Worm Composter (Vermicomposter)


    Beautiful, elegant and efficient way to compost indoors. Stop throwing your food waste into the landfill!

    5 bin upward migration system is ideal for 3-4 people. Contains: 5 (16" x 16" x 4") stacking bins, lid, base, screws and hardware, and quick-start manual. Overall assembled dimensions are 16" W x 16" D x 22" H

    **Worms are not included** Worms can not be sold on Etsy, but are available on many websites. I recommend you order your worms after your composter arrives.

    I am no longer able to source blue stain pine. Composters are made from sustainably harvested pine. Picture 1 represents the color of the composter. Pictures 2-5 represent the construction, but not the color.

    Includes my custom drip pan made from 26 gauge sheet metal drip pan which is designed to fit perfectly. Heavy duty, easy to clean and built to last! See picture 5 for what it looks like.

    This unit is accurately machined and predrilled for easy assembly. Shipped unassembled and unfinished. A screwdriver or drill driver is the only tool needed. Can be assembled and oiled in an hour. A single coat of walnut oil (or any food grade oil) is recommended on all wood surfaces to extend the life of the composter.

    If you are interested in composting with worms, don't buy a Chinese plastic model. My vermicomposter is made of beautiful pine...a much nicer home for your worms!

    Due to the high cost of shipping USPS, this item ships only to the US 48. If you live in HI, AK or overseas, and purchase, I will unfortunately need to cancel your order.

    Need more options? click here for different vermicomposters and eco gifts: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SacredResource?section_id=7646062

    FAQs: Please read
    1) Can this be used outside? It is designed to be used indoors. Worms need constant temps between 50-90 degrees, shelter from rain and sun. If you live in a rare climate where those conditions can be met, then you can try using it outside.
    2) Does it smell? No, properly used it does not smell.
    3) Do I need to used walnut oil? Can I use ______ oil? You can use any food grade oil. Avoid non food grade oils or high smell oils such as boiled linseed oil. I recommend walnut oil because it works well for me.
    4) Is the wood treated? No
    5) How many worms should I buy? 1 lb of red wigglers for the 3 bin, 1-1.5 for the 4 bin, 2 lbs for the 5 bin. PLEASE purchase worms after composter arrives. Worm juggling can be a hassle.
    6) Does it come with a user guide? Yes, and an assembly guide too. Both are available for free on my website. Check them out before you buy.
    7) If I want to expand, can I purchase extra bins? Yes, 2 extra bins are available for purchase on my website along with finishing kits, drip trays and bedding

    Available Options:

    •Oiling and assembly (Continental US only)

    •Extra bins


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    Click here for a user guide
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    Stop throwing food waste in the garbage and make garden soil instead!


3 Bin Worm Composter

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