About Us

Sacred Resource is owned and operated by Chris Bradley in the Rocky Mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is this rugged and beautiful location that inspires me every day. I am committed to providing my customers with beautiful and inventive products that are as delightful to use as they are to look at.

Started in 2008, Sacred Resource is founded on the principal that our resources are precious and sacred. I almost exclusively use locally harvested and repurposed wood. My primary source of lumber is beetle-kill pine. The mountain pine beetle has decimated the local ponderosa and lodgepole pine forests in the west due to the prolonged drought stress of climate change. In the process of killing the tree, the beetle introduces a mold which stains the wood blue. The result is often quite stunning.

In addition to beetle-kill pine, I also use locally harvested Aspen, barn wood and other reclaimed and repurposed wood. Whatever the wood, it is used conscientiously. Sacred Resource is a "Zero Waste" company meaning that it generates as little landfill waste as possible. Large scrap is used to make salad bowls, spoons, etc. Small scrap is used to heat my home, and sawdust is used for animal bedding.

Thank you for your interest in Sacred Resource!

Chris Bradley


Sacred Resource

2540 Copper Ridge Dr. #2

Steamboat Springs, CO  80487