• What is worm Tea?

    In one of the cleverest marketing gimmicks of all time, plastic worm bin manufacturers added a spigot to their composters and encouraged users to harvest the valuable “worm tea”. The spigots clog with worms, castings and sludge and various other nasties, but that’s not the point. The more important fact is that this is not worm tea, but rather worm pee. More accurately it is known as leachate since it is concentrated organics that is leaching out of the composter. Leachate is normal and even somewhat valuable since it contains concentrated organics and inorganics. But its not worm tea! So what is worm tea?

    Worm tea is “brewed” from castings (worm feces) in an aerobic environment creating probably the best organic liquid fertilizer known to man. It has the elemental benefits of leachate, plus the added benefit of being alive with billions of micro-organisms that actually feed plants.

    Sound great? I’ll tell you how to make it in the next blog.

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